Secret #8: Develop and test messages/offers constantly

     If you haven’t already done this, you are making a big mistake.  How many times have you tested to see whether the messages you have in your marketing materials are the most effective at getting prospects to contact you?  How do you know you couldn’t be getting more responses and better customers just by changing how you sell your company or service in your marketing materials?  The only way you can answer these questions is by testing messages against a control group.

     Let’s take an example. Our control headline for the Free Report is “9 Public Relations and Marketing Secrets that can help Mental Health professionals  increase their profits!”  We have created a spreadsheet that, among other things, tracks the effectiveness of this message and tests the effectiveness of any new messages.  After determining the response rate with the “control” message, we can compare the response rates with any other message and then adjust from there.

     Here’s a simple table you can use:


# Impressions

# Responses

Response Rate %

Control Message




Test A




Test B




     So, you can see that based on the response rates, Test B is the better of the messages. So, we should use that one as the new control group and also use that as our primary marketing message.   Too many Mental Health professionals change their marketing messages without any other reason just to change it.

    Okay, you now understand the need to test your marketing messages, but how do you go about creating messages in the first place?  That can certainly be bit more difficult.  Determining the right words and the right way to organize the words makes all the difference in the world.  It is not an easy task and there is no magic formula.

    We can help you do this with our premier membership.

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