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Today's articles on anxiety include how anxiety gets in the way of goal achievement, apps for lessening anxiety, how productive people use anixety and end-of-life anxiety with psychedelic drugs.  Counseling with a mental health professional is always an option.


How to Overcome the Anxiety That's Keeping You From Achieving


Achieving your goals is tough enough, but if you suffer from anxiety it becomes even more difficult. Here, clinical psychologist Dr. Alice Boyes shares her best tips for conquering anxiety.


Relax – Stress and Anxiety Relief for iPhone review | iMore.com


The beginning of the year may be a stressful time for you with the end of the holidays and taxes due soon, so relaxation may not come easily. Relax – Stress and Anxiety Relief is an iPhone app filled with breathing exercises


Leah Pickett: Surviving unemployment anxiety | WBEZ 91.5 Chicago


Of course, my once marginal unemployment anxiety immediately shot into panic mode. The same questions tumbled around in my head day after day, eventually coagulating into a twisted shame spiral that nearly swallowed


How Productive People Turn Anxiety And Fear Into An Advantage


That's not something anyone can entirely get rid of, but there are ways to overcome it, get back to work, and even make anxiety work for you. Most successful people don't lack fear. They just manage to find a way to act and


Easing end-of-life anxiety with psychedelic drugs | AirTalk | 89.3 KPCC


Research studies have shown that the use of LSD and other psychotropic drugs greatly reduces the stress, fear, anxiety and pain associated with advanced cancer.


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