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by Brad S

Are you feeling anxiety about anything? Do you think that people with money or fame don’t have it? What about anxiety now versus in the past? There are different sources of it than existed 50 years ago. Read on..

Clint Eastwood’s Wife Dina Enters REHAB for Depression, Anxiety 


Clint Eastwood’s wife Dina has checked herself into rehab for help with depression and anxiety … TMZ has learned.Dina, who stars in her own reality…

6 New Kinds of Anxiety the Internet Gave Us | Cracked.com


We’re about 20 years into widespread Internet use now, and it’s easy to forget how many of the day-to-day anxieties we deal with are brand new to the species.

The Social Anxiety Spiral | Psychology Today


Five factors that maintain social anxiety. By Barbara Markway, Ph.D….

Those who sing in a choir report less anxiety, study finds | The Raw 


Research published online this month in the scientific journal Psychology of Music has found those singing in a choir report a positive impact on their psychological health. “Singing in a choir is a leisure occupation performed 

Tylenol Found to Reduce Anxiety Over ‘Existential Uncertainty and 


Researchers at the University of British Columbia say they’ve discovered yet another use for Tylenol besides breaking a fever and relieving pain: Reducing anxiety associated with “thoughts of existential uncertainty and death.

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