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by Brad S

What are your thoughts on holistic medicine for the treatment of mental health diseases? What about music? Does the right song sooth you when you are anxious?

 Alternative Treatment Kava Shown to Reduce Anxiety – Psych Central


New research has shown that kava, a medicinal South Pacific plant, reduces the symptoms of anxiety and may be used as a successful alternative treatment to.

Favorite Music May Ease Anxiety in ICU Patients – Drugs.com


Music can help soothe the fear and anxiety of critically ill patients who have been placed on ventilators, reducing both their stress and their need for sedativ.

How I Cured My Anxiety | CharlieHoehn.com


My anxiety lasted for more than a year. It affected how I breathed, how I thought, how I ate, how I slept, and how I talked. I was serious and tired and afraid, all the time. I wanted so badly to return to my normal, lively, care-free,

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