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Premium Membership gives you resources that often aren’t available to independent Mental Health Professionals. (Scroll down for our Regular Membership):

  • Exclusive Listing on our Site for 30 miles from your primary office location.
    • That means Your Business is the ONLY ONE that will show on the site!
  • Access to our professional marketing and public relations materials ($1,000s in value)
    • Use our materials in your own “brick and mortar” campaigns
  • Monthly promotional campaigns
    • We become your marketing arm and can help you do your campaign
    • Includes  a press release that can be sent to local media ($500 value)
  • Google Ad Words advertising
    • You don’t have to learn Google Adwords and test campaigns for effectiveness because we are doing our own testing and apply our lessons learned to get people to our site and to your business! ($500 value)
    • Gives you more time to work on what you like to do
  • One hour a month of consultation/work for your place ($200 value)
  • Multiple webpages on our site
    • You may decide you don’t even need your own site if you are looking to save $ ($50 value)
  • Facebook and Twitter monitoring and posting ($500 value)
    • We will post articles that your followers will find interesting and education
  • Our monthly client newsletter with tips for your practice ($30 value)
  • And much more…. (We are always working on delivering value to you)

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Regular Membership

  • Potential Clients Will Find You Easily!
  • Clients will search and find your profile!
  • Clients will see you presented in a professional manner as part of a trusted resource!
  • Clients will email or call you for an appointment!

Monthly fee of $29.95 or annual fee of $109.95 You can cancel at anytime. Click here to see what your page would look like: SAMPLE

Plan Options

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