Couples Counseling | Depression | Broken Heart | Guilt

Couples Counseling | Depression | Broken Heart | Guilt

by Brad S

Have you heard of a broken heart, which sometimes is one reason people seek out a relationship counselor for couples counseling?  How about whether depression is contagious or feeling guilt in depression? Couples counseling is also sought by one partner when his or her mate has gone through a life change, like retirement.  Couples counseling can help both people deal with the change.

To heal heart, treat depression, too – Futurity: Research News


To heal heart, treat depression, tooFuturity: Research News”We really wanted to know whether we can treat depressive symptoms in a large group of patients nationwide and if doing so ultimately lowers their risk of death or having another heart attack …

Overcoming Guilt in Depression – PsychCentral.com (blog)


Overcoming Guilt in DepressionPsychCentral.com (blog)Overcoming Guilt in Depression “There is a voice that says I’m doing something terribly wrong and that I’m a horrible person,” said Therese Borchard, author of the book Beyond Blue: Surviving Depre …

Is depression contagious? – Newsworks.org (blog)


Newsworks.org (blog)Is depression contagious?Newsworks.org (blog)In their weekly conversation, WHYY’s behavioral health reporter Maiken Scott and psychologist Dan Gottlieb discuss the ripple effects of depression. « More from Health + Science · …


Modern Aging: Is it depression or burnout? – Richmond Times Dispatch


Modern Aging: Is it depression or burnout?Richmond Times DispatchHowever, the slope between stress and burnout is a slippery one, and burnout can often lead to depression, if it isn’t managed. What is the difference? Caregiver burnout is a syndrome o …

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