Couples Counseling | Relationships | Loneliness | Injury

Couples Counseling | Relationships | Loneliness | Injury

by Brad S

There are some interesting articles that those who seek couples counseling might find interesting.  Even if you aren’t seeking couples counseling, the articles about brain injury and their affects on relationships might be of interest.

Suna Senman: Love Relationships Are a Pocket of Peace


With honesty comes the security to trust each other. In turn, trust allows us to enter the state of vulnerability that creates intimate space in a romantic relationship. Somewhere deep inside of all of us, we cherish this connection.

Personhood, Loneliness, and Relationships


Andrew Root, in The Relational Pastor, says it well: “Loneliness reveals personhood because loneliness is the confession of lost relationship; it is clutching to find your personhood… the feeling of loneliness is the closest 

Traumatic Brain Injury and Intimate Relationships: What You Need 


There has been a lot of news coverage in recent years about traumatic brain injury and how it impacts the lives of those who experience it. With each new story and study, a bigger picture is painted revealing that a bump on 

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