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Depression can affect many people and those around them. Today’s articles discuss variuous aspects of depression and some treatment options.

McDonald’s Pulls Ad Since Crippling Depression Isn’t Quite The


McDonald’s Pulls Ad Since Crippling Depression Isn’t Quite The Same As Loving Big Macs. By Mary Beth Quirk April 12, 2013. (Handout via USA Today). While it might seem like your day is ruined if you can’t get a Big Mac, in no way is it the

Managing Depression While You’re Getting Treatment – Psych Central


Clinical depression is debilitating. But it’s also highly treatable. And while you’re getting treatment — whether through medication, psychotherapy or.

Depression in men linked to folic acid deficiency


A 2003 study found that participants with a low dietary intake of folic acid had a 67 percent higher risk of developing depression than those with a high folic acid intake. In addition, depressed participants with a low folic acid

Deep Brain Stimulation shows promise as treatment for depression


Scientists have used Deep Brain Stimulation to successfully treat patients suffering from severe depression.

Depression Means No Health Insurance: Sorry About That | World of


I fall into the category of the “uninsurable.” It doesn’t matter that I wake up most mornings to swim 160 laps, am borderline obsessed with eating.

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