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Articles on depression including how various religous people have dealt with it.

Kris Jenner Consults Shrink After Son Rob Kardashian’s ‘Depression’


Kris Jenner consulted a shrink over overweight son Rob Kardashian’s “depression” after he came close to being arrested, viewers learned during Sunday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

An App To Investigate The Biological Mysteries Of Depression | Co …


“Depression” is a term that covers many conditions–it isn’t one thing. Your depression isn’t my depression, because the main causes are biological and hereditary. That’s why some well-known anti-depressants, like Zoloft and …

Pittsburgh Researchers Look For Ways To Prevent Depression In …


A year ago, Bernard Belisle was in a bad way. Pain throbbed in his legs all day, every day, and he was angry and irritable much of the time. Then, he enrolled in a novel study on preventing depression in older adults at the …

Sparx game combats depression among youth | mobihealthnews


SPARX Although depression hits youth of all ages, a large percentage of young people are left untreated, CEO of LinkedWellness David Burt said during a talk at the Games For Health event in Boston this week. Causes that …

NCRegister | Depressed? Help Is Here.


The Catholic Guide to Depression. How the Saints, the Sacraments and Psychiatry Can Help You Break Its Grip and Find Happiness Again. By Aaron Kheriaty, M.D., with Father John Cihak. Sophia Institute Press, 2012.

Brain differences seen in depressed preschoolers | ScienceBlog.com


A key brain structure that regulates emotions works differently in preschoolers with depression compared with their healthy peers, according to new research at.

Is it Depression? by Henry Cloud | Cloud Townsend Resources


There’s a history of clinical depression in my family, but I don’t want to over-dramatize what might be the “blues.” What are the signs that this could be something serious, and what could a counselor do for me if I decided to go …

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