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by Brad S

Do you know anyone dealing with depression? Here are some recent articles on the subject.  You can find a local therapist to help you with dealing with depression on our site.


5 Yoga Poses That Combat Depression | Care2 Healthy Living


One of the chapters in my life included a 10-year bout with deep depression. This depression became compounded when I was confronted with loss and grief. I.


Major Depression Does Respond to 'Minor' Tools – MedPage Today


University of ManchesterMajor Depression Does Respond to 'Minor' ToolsMedPage TodayNote that some have recommended that initial therapy of depression begin with low-intensity interventions. This meta-analysis looked at the question of how initial sev …


Oliver: Depression can be heavy burden to bear – Northwest Herald


Oliver: Depression can be heavy burden to bearNorthwest HeraldHowever, her struggles with depression, domestic violence and substance abuse transcended her musical sphere. At 37, McCready had been through more than a lot of us will face in twice that …


Is motherhood causing my depression? – Salon


SalonIs motherhood causing my depression?SalonAnd I couldn't blame them. I knew exactly what they were going through, because long before I knew what depression was, before I'd ever heard of mood disorders or anxiety, I knew what it felt like to live …


Recalling Good Times May Reduce Depression – PsychCentral.com


ScienceBlog.comRecalling Good Times May Reduce DepressionPsychCentral.comRecalling Good Times May Reduce Depression A new strategy to improve mood may help people who suffer from depression. The approach calls on the recollection of positive day-to-d …


Jennifer Lawrence: "I'm Sinking Into a Bit of Depression" – E! Online


E! OnlineJennifer Lawrence: "I'm Sinking Into a Bit of Depression"E! Online"Don't ask me about my schedule because I'm sinking into a bit of depression." At least X-Men won't be as painful. J.Law told me in December they were trying to figure out ano …


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