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by Brad S

Some interesting stories about depression here, including a report that anxiety may be more common than depression after pregnancy.


Do you know your facts on depression? – Stevenspointjournal


Do you know your facts on depression?StevenspointjournalFalse: Children who develop depression often continue to have episodes as they enter adulthood. 2. True: However, grief that is complicated and lasts for a very long time following a loss may re …


Anxiety May Be More Common Than Depression After Pregnancy – U.S. News & World Report


KCRGAnxiety May Be More Common Than Depression After PregnancyU.S. News & World ReportMONDAY, March 4 (HealthDay News) — Anxiety is far more common in the days after childbirth than depression, with nearly one in five new mothers reporting acute men …




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