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by Brad S

Rashness & Rumination: New Understanding About the Roots of Depression – TIME


Rashness & Rumination: New Understanding About the Roots of DepressionTIMEIn the first study, published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, researchers focused on depressive rumination, or the relentless focus on what has gone wrong or wil …

Binge Eating May Signal Anxiety, Depression & Suicide Risk | Psych


A new study of African-American girls finds that body dissatisfaction can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression, and an increased risk for suicide. Dr.

Depressed At Work? You’re Not Alone – Forbes


LiveScience.comDepressed At Work? You’re Not AloneForbesDepression is one of those diseases that is often invisible. You can look well-groomed and even cheerful on the outside, while on the inside you feel like you’re dying a slow death. That’s why t …

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