Depression Treatment in Philadelphia

Depression Treatment in Philadelphia

FREE CONSULTATION. I can help with a variety of issues related to depression, regardless of the cause.

A lot of people don’t know why they are feeling depressed or don’t know the reason they are depressed.

Having someone to talk to that can give a neutral perspective is helpful and can give some insight that you can’t get on your own or through someone you know.

It is my belief that every conversation makes a difference. The differences may be subtle or they can be life-changing. I work in a direct and warm manner, creating an environment that is dynamic and safe. The therapeutic relationship is a very important one and can provide the basis for navigating through difficult life transitions, improving communication skills, healing from a loss or exploring possibilities for enhancing one’s life.

Call or e-mail me for a Free 15-Minute consultation.

Cities Served: Philadelphia

Website or to Make An Appointment Online: http://richardbrewermft.com

Phone #: (267) 538-0006

E-Mail: email@richardbrewermft.com


1315 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Zip Codes Served: 19107, 19147, 19146, 19103, 19106, etc.

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