Secret #9: Know competition better than they know themselves

     The bottom line is that you need to assume that your competition is as smart as you are and that they are constantly finding out about you and the rest of your competitors.  Are you charging more than they are for the same level of service? Are you offering your customers something that they aren’t? What are you doing that they aren’t?  What are you doing better? What are they doing better?

     The point is that no matter how small or big your Mental Health practice is, you need to be consistently scanning your environment to ensure that your competitors don’t have a leg up on you.  Learn from their mistakes and profit from their good ideas that can be replicated.

     You may notice, depending on how you got this report, that we don’t send out a report unless someone gives us a piece of information.  We want to make sure that we limit the ability of our competitors to see what we are doing at a minimal cost.  Now, we know we can’t stop every competitor from seeing our great ideas, but we at least need to make it a little difficult.  If our competitor wants to check us, we are not going to simply point them to our website where they can scan what we are doing without us knowing they are doing it.

    We can help you develop ways to better understand your competition.  We can help you do this with our premier membership.


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